waterstones oxford street twitter

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The twitter feed for the oxford street waterstones (here) is 98% pure sass with 2% horse (unavoidable, unfortunately). it’s fed by jonathan (@JonathanOB_ on twitter) who apparently has nothing better to do than tweet in a witty (if slightly book-obsessed) manner when he should be working. Not that i’m complaining. I have nothing better to do than read his tweets when i should be working.

2 thoughts on “waterstones oxford street twitter

  1. Hello! I’m Jonathan who does the Twitter feed! Thanks for the kind words, just wanted to point out that it’s all done in my spare time during breaks or outside of work hours. Sadly, I have plenty of things to do during the day that aren’t Twitter. Ah, to tweet for a living, there’s the dream..

    • I thought as much, since I doubt the Powers That Be would take too kindly to your tweeting during the working day! Here’s hoping they realise how well you are advertising their company and design an entirely new role for you (Waterstones Head Tweetmaster has a nice ring to it).

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